Kax Tanning Soufflé is fantastic whether you have an event or you are just feeling pale! It is easy to use and gives you a natural skin tone glow, that is not orange. There is no other self tanning product like it. Kax is the best product on the market and it is in a category of its own.

Michele M. from Houston

OK, the mystery has been solved! Yes, I did purchase that wonderful, non-stinky soufflé from you. As soon as I run out, I’ll buy more. The small demo bottle I received initially lasted me for three days. I can honestly say it is wonderful. Once my friends see it and witness how it does not smell, streak or stay sticky they will want to purchase a bottle too!

Becky B. from Los Angeles

Kax is a very convenient, easy to use, fast acting tanner. It doesn’t have the awful smell that other products have. It also fades naturally instead of the somewhat spotty or yellowing aftereffects of other products.

Reagan B. from Houston

Kax is absolutely amazing. I love that I can put it on whenever I want and it’ll be ready in 5 minutes. I have suggested it to so many people and those that end up using Kax Tanning Soufflé all love it. The best part is that you don’t end up looking orange!

Darby S. from Houston

I have been meaning to write this Thank You note for a few months…so much has happened! I so appreciate the free sample you sent me before my wedding. I used it and it looked great! Most of all I appreciate you making sure it got to me on time. My late thank you note does not reflect my appreciation for your thoughtfulness. Thank you so much!

Branda B. from Webb City, Missouri

I love Kax Tanning Soufflé because it goes on smooth and doesn’t turn my skin orange like the other products I have used. I like the fact that you can put it on and literally walk out the door. Thank you for my natural looking tan.

Rhett R. from Houston

Kax was very easy for me to use. I’m someone who has never used a self tanner before. It’s something that I could do by myself and it looks very natural. It fades on its own and is never streaky or spotty. It also helped me to pull off my perfect shirtless Halloween costume.

Matt A. ­from Houston